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Trees: Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable

Robert Heed Logging, an established Pennsylvania company, has been providing services to gas and oil companies and to Pennsylvania landowners since 2003. Robert Heed Logging takes pride in an environmental stewardship approach to industrial practices. All services are filtered through the lens of what is best for the environment, what is best for the leasing companies and landowners, and what is best for the community. Working to balance call the concerns and interests results in benefits for all.

As a local company, northern Pennsylvania area is "home." Robert Heed Logging is a family-owned company, with children to raise in the community, with a company to sustain in the family's name. Robert Heed Logging is not a fly-by-night, here-today-moved-to-another-state-tomorrow company.

As Robert Heed says: "This is our home. It will be our children's home tomorrow. We want to preserve the land in the best condition as possible as we use our renewable resources to the best economic advantage for our community. It isn't rocket science to create landowner revenue, yet at the same time, preserve our land's value."

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Services: Landclearing, Erosion Control, Matting, Grinding
Products: Chips, Mulch, Bedding, Wood Fines


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Susquehanna County
Wyoming County
Wyan County
Bradford County


Northern Tier Hardwood Association


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